Give your customers a reason to visit your site each week with galleries that contain the covers, titles, and quality information about your new releases. Convert your weekly shipping list to a store-specific gallery of the LATEST arrivals, post it online and use social media to drive traffic to your site!
Our Subscription Management feature helps you organize and maintain your customers' weekly pulls and special orders. Your customers can browse entire Previews catalogs at their leisure, selecting to (un)subscribe to a series or to order a specific issue number or item. You will receive daily notifications of any changes or updates, or changes will sync automatically with Comicsuite for those using the RMS/RMH integration. Retailers can also create weekly pull lists, or modify customer accounts to add/ delete subscriptions and orders, change contact information, or turn them on/off.
Your website contains a News/Blog feature, with which you can keep your customers informed about store events, new releases, upcoming pre-orders, or you can post interesting articles you find online or write yourself!
Link one or multiple Google Calendars to your display the events happening at your store. Maintain an All-in-One calendar and break out up different sub-calendars, perfect for the hybrid locations that run games in addition to selling comics. Or take advantage of the Tickera calendar, which provides event ticketing!
All the features necessary for an e-commerce site, from sales tax payment requirements to shipping methods and pricing. Generate shipping labels using UPS and USPS accounts!
Sync your local database (RMS and RMH SQL) with your online database. This means you’ll have a real-time listing of what’s in stock in your brick & mortar store on your website! The syncing will also automatically update subscriber files in ComicSuite, as well as update customer information, and much more! Future plans include integrating with Quickbooks POS and Lightspeed.